Vintage 1960s Soft Black Leather Ladies Gloves
A beautiful pair of vintage 1960s ladies black soft leather gloves with a fabric underside and wrist and a leather studded button detail to the wrist.

In good condition with hardly any wear. These gloves have been very well looked after over the years.

Size : 6 1/2 - 7
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


1950s Stetson Purple / Brown Gloves with Button Detail at Wrist
A pair of mink brown (or maybe they are light purple - I can't describe the colour - but the photo's are accurate) nylon vintage gloves from the 1950's, made in the US by Stetson. They have a band of decorative stitching along the back of the hand, and a decorative material strip detail at each side of the wrist, with buttons. The palm side is elasticated at the wrist.

In excellent condition.

Very hard to find, very 50's, very secretary/geek, very you.... a must for your collection of vintage accessories.

Size: Medium. Quite stretchy.
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


Vintage Black Soft Leather Womens Gloves
Soft black leather womens gloves from the 1960s, with a leather strap to the front which can be tightened and slipped through a bronze ring detail, to keep then snug on your wrist.
They are lined with a green polyester material which completes the warmth and snugness. There is no size written in them, but I think they are a size medium to large. I have large hands and they fit me.

Very smart and stylish winter gloves that are in excellent condition. They were originally purchased from a boutique in Montreal, Canada, by my friends' mother, and they have been carefully kept and looked after down the years.

Price: 20 euro
20.00 €            


1940s Silk Floral Handkerchief
A pretty floral hankie from the 1940s made of 100% silk. The hankie is cream / beige in color with a delicate lace pattern background. The florals consist of large bouquets of red and orange flowers in each corner and smaller bouquets toward the centre. The outer edge is is red with an orange pattern inside it.

The red outer edge has worn slightly in places and become unstitched, along one of the sides. It shows only on the reverse, (see the last photo) otherwise it is in good condition.

Size: approx. 12 x 13 inches (31 x 33cm).

Price: 7 euro
7.00 €            


Vintage Whitework Embroidery Linen Handkerchief Case
A beautiful vintage linen handkerchief case with hand embroidered whitework. Made in the 1950s this pure white, crisp, strong linen case, has a pretty front flap that covers the complete width of the case. It has a scalloped and embroidered edge, with embroidered clovers displayed along the edges. There are three letters initialled in one corner.

It was probably made for use to keep hankies in, but could equally be used for as storage for gloves, lace or any other delicate items.

There is a small stain above the initials, and a small rust mark on the inside of the front flap, which I have shown in the photos, but it is otherwise in superb, freshly laundered condition and measures approx. 13” x 8 1/2”

Size: approx. 14 1/2 inches x 6 inches.
Price: 15 euro
15.00 €            


1950s Quilted Black Lingerie / Nightdress Case with Embroidered Roses
Beautiful vintage black quilted lingerie/nightdress case from the 1950s. This pretty case has been embroidered in silk thread with a large rose on the front and two smaller roses on the inside of the flap closure, so you can use it as an open or closed bag. The roses are pastel mustard yellow and orange roses. The large rose on the outside has green leaves too. The inside of the case is quilted in a mustard yellow color.

In clean condition with no musty smells, just a couple of very slight marks on the inside of the flap and one white mark on the back, externally. Please see photos.

Perfect to display on your bed.

Size: approx. 16 inches (50 cms) at widest/ longest x 14 inches in height.
Price: 33 euro
33.00 €            


Vintage Embroidered Irish Linen Hankie Case - Easter Chicks

A pretty little hankie case made of Irish Linen with hand embroidered detail. The case measures 7 inches x 7 inches and has scalloped edges which are finished with embroidered green stitching.

The front of the case is a full-length flap which is embroidered with two cute little yellow chicks pecking away in the grass. There are small blue flowers at the bottom of the flap.

In excellent condition.

Size: 7 inches x 7 inches
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


SCHIAPARELLI 1950s Silk Scarf - 22" Square - Autumn Rust Tones - Vintage Collectors Piece
A fabulous 100% pure silk scarf from 1950s Paris by the iconic fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. The colors range through the Autumn/Fall creams and rusts, to browns, and are in an attractive weave pattern. The outer border is rust orange. The Schiaparelli signature is at one corner. It is black on a cream background.

The edges are hand rolled and sewn.

This scarf is in excellent condition with no stains, holes or pulls at all. It's extremely hard to find scarves by this designer in such great condition, which makes it a covetable collector's piece.

Size: 22 x 22 inches
Price: 64 euro
74.00 €            


Vintage Paloma Picasso Designer Silk Scarf - 100% Pure Silk - 1980s
A beautiful large, square, green and navy blue 100% silk scarf by the designer Paloma Picasso.

Made in Italy in the 1980s, this beautiful scarf has hand rolled and sewn edges. The center of the scarf is emerald green, with gold circles throughout, and a broad navy blue outside edge. The signature 'Kiss' sign in gold is in the four larger circles on each corner with the words 'by Paloma Picasso'.

In addition, the Paloma Picasso signature is written in gold in one corner of the blue outer edge, and there is a further tag which states that the scarf is 'All Silk, Made in Italy'

In excellent condition. The perfect addition to your vintage accessories collection.

Size: approx. 36 inches
Price: 52 euro

* * * * *

Paloma Picasso’s creations artfully combine European sophistication with exotic influences. Ranging from intricate, sumptuous forms to pure expressions of luminous color, her collections exude an original style that is pure Paloma. Her pieces refuse to be ignored.
52.00 €            


60s Lanvin Chiffon Silk Scarf - Pink & Orange Floral - Vintage 1960s
A beautiful 1960s chiffon silk scarf by Lanvin, Paris. It has a dark yellow/orange floral center panel surrounded by a wide pink outer edge, also floral. The flowers are orange with green leaves, outlined in white.

The outer edges are hand rolled and sewn, and are still nice an plump, as they should be.

The Lanvin signature and 'Paris' are in the lower right-hand corner on one of the leaves.

In excellent condition with no holes, pulls or stains. Highly collectible and the perfect addition to your vintage accessory collection.

Size: approx 32-33 inches square. (8.20 x 8.20 cm)
Price: 68 euro
68.00 €            


1960s Nina Ricci Fine White Cotton Scarf - White with Pale Pastel Peachy Pink Flowers - Vintage Designer Scarf
A small 1960s vintage neck scarf by the designer Nina Ricci. Made of fine white cotton with a delicate peachy pink floral design of old fashioned dog roses with green leaves and stems, and white and yellow blossom.

There is a row of peachy pink dashed lines around the outer edge which is hand rolled and hand stitched.

This is a delightful scarf. In excellent, as new condition with no flaws and no stains. It will arrive at your door beautifully wrapped.

Size: approx. 22 x 22 inches (58 cm)
Price: 22 euro
22.00 €            


60s GUY ST. HONORE Dark Red Chiffon Silk Scarf - Vintage France - Hand Rolled and Sewn Edges - Red / Gold
A pretty dark red/maroon chiffon silk scarf with gold floral accents throughout and a double row of flowers to form a border around the outer edge. Designed and made in the 1960s by Guy St Honore. Hand rolled and sewn edges which are still beautifully plump as they should be.

A beautiful, classic, pure silk chiffon scarf in excellent condition.

Size: 28 x 28 inches (71 x 71 cm)
Price: 18 euro
15.00 €            


1950s Jacqmar Silk Scarf - Brown and Green Floral - Hand Rolled Edges
A pretty Jacqmar silk scarf from the 1950s with brown flowers on green stems and leaves. The floral pattern is on a slightly paler brown background. The edging is hand rolled and sewn, and is still plump and rounded, as it should be.

The Jacqmar signature is in white at one corner of the scarf and black in another corner.

The final photo shows the scarf laid out to show the whole pattern. The color appears different because of the light in my kitchen. The true color is that which you see in all of the other photos, but you can at least see the complete pattern.

A lovely scarf with no issues that I can see. No pulls, holes or marks. In excellent condition, it has been very well looked after over the years.

Size: approx. 30 x 30 inches (73 x 73 cm)
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


Vintage Black Silk Scarf with Blue and Red Ribbons
An attractive, large black scarf in 100% silk. Made in the 1950s with a heraldic regalia type design of a central large blue ribbon with red and blue tassels and ribbons with gold highlights. The red edges are hand rolled and stitched, and are still nice and plump, as they should be.

This scarf is in very good condition with the exception of two very fine 'pull' lines which which I have shown in the last photo. These lines run the length of the scarf, but you actually cannot see them unless you hold the scarf up to the light and look extremely closely. In fact I didn't see them at all at first, until I was taking the photos. But I'm telling you, because you need to know. This is reflected in the price.

A lovely everyday scarf to add to your vintage collection.

Size: 34 x 34 inches
Price: 12 euro
12.00 €            


DAKS of London Jacquard Silk Scarf - Wild Flowers - Blue / Yellow Floral
A superb vintage DAKS of London floral art scarf from the 1970s. Made of 100% Jacquard silk the scarf is a depiction of wildflowers. The flowers are in a subtle range of colors including red, blue, green and deep yellow on a pale yellow background with a fine dark blue border. The outer edges of the scarf are a wider border of the same dark blue.

The edges are hand rolled and stitched and are nice and plump as they should be.

This scarf is in excellent condition with no issues that I can see. No pulls, holes, or markings. The perfect addition to your vintage accessories collection.

Size: approx. 34 x 34 inches (86 cm)
Price: 39 euro
39.00 €            


1960s Pierre Cardin Pink Silk Scarf - Geometric Pattern - Swinging 60s - Hand Rolled / Sewn
A beautiful 100% silk scarf from the 1960s by the French designer Pierre Cardin. The scarf is in shades of raspberry pink, red, black and beige with different geometric patterns within squares. It has a hand rolled and stitched hem, and his signature in one corner, along with the words New York Paris.

Handmade in Italy the scarf is in lovely condition, although there is a tiny stain in one square, which I have shown in the last photograph.

Bought recently in Paris at Porte de Vanves, this is a very striking vintage silk scarf by the designer Pierre Cardin.

Size: 31 inches x 29 inches
Price: 28 euro

* * * * *

Pierre Cardin (France, b. 1922)

Best known for creating groundbreaking fashion designs from the 1950s onward.

Cardin was born in a village near Venice, Italy, and raised in central France. Always interested in fashion, he left home at age 17 to train with a Vichy tailor. After the end of World War II, Cardin moved to Paris and worked for a succession of couture houses, before taking a job with Christian Dior in 1946. Cardin went solo in 1950 and quickly won attention for his novel style.
28.00 €            


1950s French Silk Designer Scarf - Jean Parel - Brown Geometric
A 100% pure silk scarf designed by Jean Parel. Paris. It is dark brown with a criss-cross geometric pattern in red, orange and cream. The edges have been hand rolled and stitched, and are still plump and round as they should be.

In very good condition, with the exception of a small pull and mark, probably were a brooch had been taken out a little carelessly. It's about 2 inches max. I have shown it in close up on the last photo.

The name Jean Parel is printed in one of the corners.

A wonderful addition to your vintage accessories collection.

Size: Just under 30 inches square. (76 x 76cm)
Price: 18 euro
18.00 €            


Vintage Red and Cream Scarf - Geometric Pattern - La Redoute
A fabulous La Redoute scarf from the 1980s in various shade of red on a cream background, in a geometric pattern.

There is a very luxurious, silky feel to this scarf although it is made of polyester. In perfect, as new condition.

A lovely addition to your vintage wardrobe.

Size: approx. 26 x 26 inches
Price 14 euro
14.00 €            


Vintage 1950s Jacqmar Silk Scarf - Cream and Turquoise Floral - Hand Rolled Edges
A pretty Jacqmar 100% silk scarf from the 1950s with turquoise flowers on green stems with green and brown leaves. The floral pattern is on a creamy yellow background and has a fine black surround and then a thicker turquoise blue outer edge. The edging is hand rolled and sewn, and is still plump and rounded, as it should be.

The Jacqmar signature is on the bottom right-hand corner of the scarf and there is a further small label stitched on that says 100% silk.

A lovely scarf with no issues that I can see. No pulls, holes or marks. In excellent condition, this has been very well looked after over the years.

Size: approx. 29 x 29 inches (73 x 73 cm)
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €