1950s Clear Crystal Rhinestone Bracelet
Sparkling vintage 1950s clear crystal bracelet with 14 large (approx. 8mm) faceted round crystals down the center, surrounded and divided by smaller (approx. 4mm) faceted crystals. The crystals are prong set into a linked, flexible silver-tone base and the bracelet is securely and easily closed with a box clasp which is in perfect working order.

In excellent condition, this bracelet has been well cared for over the years. The silver-tone base is clean and shiny, the crystal rhinestones are all original, clear and sparkling.

A wonderful addition to your vintage jewellery collection.

Length approx. 7 1/4 inches (18.5cm) x 3/4 inches (2cm) wide
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


Vintage Silver and Gold Tone Amber Lucite Cabochon Bracelet
A vintage silver tone metal bracelet from the 1950s, with a central faux amber faceted oval lucite cabochon set into a gold tone base. The silver tone band of the bracelet has diamond shaped hatchings around.

The bracelet opens with a secure clip and push clasp on the side, with the hinge on the opposite side. Internally the bracelet measures approx. 2 1/8 inch (5.5cm) and 2 inches (5cm) front to back. The front area has a depth of approx. 1/2 inch (13mm) and the back has a depth of approx. 3/8 inch (9mm). Externally the bracelet measures approx 2 6/8 x 2 1/2 inches.

This is a nice chunky, quality bracelet that can be worn casually or to a special event. It is in very good condition, with the only fault that I can see, being a few markings underneath the cabochon, on the gold tone metal. They are small and can't be seen in the photos because they haven't gone through the metal, and look as though they may have happened during the making of the bracelet.

All of my jewellery will arrive at your door boxed and beautifully wrapped.

Price: 22 euro
22.00 €            


Vintage Chunky Bovine Bone Tribal Bangle - Rustic Brass and Agate
A vintage (date unknown) handmade, chunky, hinged tribal bangle made with bovine bone (made from already dead animals, no cruelty here) that has been sliced and set into layers to form the curve of the bangle. The bone sections are set into ornate brass ends which have a square sort of Aztec pattern with hinges. The back is set with a brass pin closure which was commonly used in this type of bangle, and the focal front section is a large green oval agate stone set into a patterned brass base.

This is a very thick and heavy tribal bangle which is suitable for women who like this type of very chunky jewelry, or men. Internally it measures approx. 2 1'4 inches across.It is approx. 1 inch thick and the oval stone is just under 1 1/2 inches high and 1 inch wide.

In good condition, but please be aware that this is a rustic, handmade piece and so may have some slight imperfections.

Price: 20 euro
20.00 €            


1960s Blue / Green Enamel Link Bracelet
Fabulous vintage 1960s colorful blue and green enamel chunky chain link bracelet. The enameled links are large chunky ovals, two blue and two green mounted onto a gold-tone setting and linked with plain gold tone.

The bracelet is fastened with a large gold-tone toggle clasp.

In lovely condition with just a couple of marks on the blue links which to me, look as though they were on the bracelet from when it was made, because the color is still there, and no base gold color shows through, which it would if it were chipped. They are not really noticeable but showed up in the photos.(20cm

Length: approx. 8 inches (20cm) including the toggle bar.
Price: 28 euro
28.00 €            


1960s Swimming Dolphins Clamper Bracelet - Silver Tone Cuff
A lovely vintage 1960s silvertone clamper bracelet/cuff that depicts three swimming dolphins. The bracelet has a hinge at the back and the central dolphin pulls away from the two outer dolphins to open it.

Made of highly polished silvertone metal this bracelet is in excellent condition with no scratches or marks. If you think you see the odd mark it will be because of reflections.

Size: The inside of the bracelet measures approx. 2 3/8th inches x 2 inches. Externally it is approx. 2 3/4 x 1/2inches
Price: 18 euro
18.00 €            


1950s Clear Crystal Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet
A 1950s cuff bracelet, or bangle with an open back and some flexibility, so that it will fit most sizes. The bracelet has an open, oval type pattern of clear crystal rhinestones prong set into a silver-tone base.

In excellent condition with all original sparkling crystals.

Size: In width the bracelet is just inder 1 inch, and due to the cuff design it will fit most sizes.
Price: 25 euro
25.00 €